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Women and Money

Learning to trust your financial choices

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What is your biggest financial worry?

Does talking about investment returns, risk tolerance, net yields, margins, dividends, and other financial terms make you feel dizzy? Do you wonder if you are making the right financial choices to meet your goals? What about leaving your children an inheritance? Are you worried that you’ll run out of money and end up pushing all of your belongings in a shopping cart? While that last one may seem over the top, FS Financial Strategies owner Robin Gruber hears some variation of “do I have enough money” from nearly every woman she meets. And it doesn’t matter if the woman’s net worth is in the millions – there is still a deep-seated fear of ending up broke.

Money and emotion

Women’s financial choices are not always just about money. Whether you are newly single or have never married, you approach financial decisions and define financial goals based on different concerns than men. If you receive an inheritance, you may feel that it is a legacy that you must preserve and protect, instead of using it to pursue your own goals. Robin understands. She has been providing financial planning and investment services to women for more than 12 years. Her warm, straightforward style educates you about decisions you need to make while using terms you can understand. With Robin as your guide, you can become comfortable with your finances and learn to trust your investment choices.

Ongoing advice and communication

Don’t worry. You won’t have to go it alone. FS Financial Strategies does not just create your plan, make your investments and then leave you to wonder if you made the right choices. Robin monitors your accounts and continues the conversation regarding investment performance and previous decisions you have made. (And it’s OK if you ask the same questions every time until you truly understand.)

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